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The QIS aims


  • To promote interest, participation and opportunities for athletes and students within the Queensland.
  • To promote interest, participation and opportunities for coaches, administrators, officials, sports science practitioners, schools and other sports related parties of the Queensland.
  • To provide specialist support to athletic performance through the integration of sport education.
  • Either alone or in conjunction with any other sporting body, whether corporate, individual or otherwise, to promote, conduct and carry out sports meetings, events, tournaments, competitions, education programs for the benefit of participants, business partners and the wider community.
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  • To provide sports education for coaches, athletes, officials, administrators and other related persons.
  • To develop and deliver competitions, demonstrations, conferences in relation to any sports to engage coaches, players, instructors and others as the QIS sees relevant and meaningful.
  • To provide and promote vocational opportunities through athletic participation, sports coaching, sports science and general business opportunities for persons involved in the business of sport.
  • To promote sports and sports tourism on the Queensland in order to bring additional economic benefits to the region.
  • To print, publish and promotethe successes of our athletes, coaches or programs to encourage progression and positive publicity.
  • To promote and support our valued sponsors throughout the community.
  • Liaise with related third parties involved with sports development for the Queensland region