Aspire Program

Aspire Program

Providing opportunities for young athletes across all sports

Program Overview

The QIS Aspire program was established to guaranteethe inclusion of as many young aspiring athletes as possible and ensure that athletes are not turned away or miss-out because they may be participating in a less mainstream sport.

The QIS Aspire program providesopportunities for young athletes who participate in sports other than those offered as a full sport program through the QIS, or those who don’t fit into the specific age group criteria for the full programs.

We understand that every athlete is different, that is why we are focused on providing tailored support and development opportunities for athletes at all levels, across a wide range of sporting disciplines.


Selection Process

Athletes will be identified through our primary school development programs by observing skill sessions and game play. They will then be invited to apply for a QIS Aspire program scholarship position. Athletes can also apply for Aspire program scholarship positions via the QIS website.

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Athletes will need to be participating in a sport not currently offered as a full sporting programor be outside the age group or other specific criteria required for a QIS full sporting program.


Athlete Requirements

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A scholarship levy fee does apply to all athletes who are successful in becoming a QIS scholarship athlete. This scholarship fee covers the full cost of participation in the program including, but not limited to, training, education, materials and the QIS apparel kit.

Additional costs may apply for travel and/or accommodation at some stages throughout the program, though athletes and their parents will receive information regarding any additional costs well in advance of any such events or opportunities.

The scholarship fee must be paid in full prior to commencement of the scholarship program, unless a payment plan has been arranged and signed-off by QIS management. super p force to buy.