Creating opportunities for young aspiring athletes

In a world of limited opportunities and no shortage of young talented athletes, standing out in the crowd is crucial. 

The Queensland Institute of Sport Limited (QIS) is a not-for-profit community sports organisation providing young up-and-coming athletes with additional support and development both on and off the sporting field, acting as a stepping stone for young people on the pathway to elite athlete development.

Offering a total of 16 key sporting programs including AFL, basketball, cricket, cheer and dance, football, golf, field hockey, netball, rugby union, rugby league, surfing, swimming, tennis, triathlon, volleybal and water polo, the QIS aim to give young athletes the right foundations for a rewarding career in their chosen sport.

Also passionate about increasing the participation and enjoyment of young people in physical education and sport, we also create and run a variety of school sporting programs that inspire and engageyoung people – whatever their age or ability.

Sport Tours

QIS will be coordinating various international and interstate sports tours to provide our athletes with the very best opportunities to develop their careers.

School Holiday Program

Get smart! Healthy body = healthy mind. Improving in sports translates directly to improving in school. Students who play sports work harder in the classroom. A study of 2,308 student athletes in grades 7-12 found that 56 per cent received A's, 45 per cent received B's and C's, and the rest aren\'t worth mentioning here.


Keep a look out for live coaching sessions and competition highlights and be sure to share the links with your friends or family.


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Sport Programs

The Queensland Institute of Sport currently offers a total of 16 sport programs including a unique 'Aspire Program' program that caters for aspiring athletes who do not fit within the criteria of a sport program or who participate... Read More


Aspire Program

The 'Aspire' program has been established to ensure inclusion of as many young aspiring athletes as possible and also to ensure that athletes are not turned away or miss-out because they may be participating in a less mainstream sport. Read More


School Sports Program

This is extremely exciting news for the Queensland sporting community. The QIS is offering school sports program to Queensland primary schools to increase young people's physical activity... Read More


Sports Education

The QIS Sport Education division caters to the specific needs of Athletes, students, coaches, instructors, teachers, exercise and sports administrators, managements and the general community. Sports Coaching Football Coaching Sports Development Fitness Read More


Sports Awards

Queensland Institute of Sport (QIS) Sports Awards recognise the achievements of amateur Queensland athletes. Athlete with a Disability Sport Administrator of the Year Sport Coach of the Year Sport Event of the Year Sport Event of the Year Read More


Careers at QIS

QIS offers careers opportunities to enhance your career in sports and recreation industry. QIS is committed to providing fulfilling careers in fitness, sports and recreation that supports, nurtures and develops employees in the vital roles that they play in the sport's future success. Read More