Sports Qualifications

Sports Qualifications

Leading qualifications to further your sporting career

The QIS offers 27 Government accredited sports qualifications in partnership with our education partner the Australian Sports Academy (ASA) in the following qualifications:


Community Recreation qualifications

  • SIS20110 Certificate II in Community Activities
  • SIS30110 Certificate III in Aquatics
  • SIS30210 Certificate III in Community Activity Programs
  • SIS40110 Certificate IV in Community Recreation

Fitness qualifications

  • SIS30310 Certificate III in Fitness
  • SIS40210 Certificate IV in Fitness
  • SIS50210 Diploma of Fitness

Outdoor Recreation qualifications

  • SIS30410 Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation
  • SIS40310 Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation
  • SIS50310 Diploma of Outdoor Recreation

Sport qualifications

  • SIS20410 Certificate II in Sport Career Oriented Participation
  • SIS20510 Certificate II in Sport Coaching
  • SIS30610 Certificate III in Sport Career Oriented Participation
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  • SIS30710 Certificate III in Sport Coaching
  • SIS30810 Certificate III in Sports Trainer
  • SIS40510 Certificate IV in Sport Coaching
  • SIS40610 Certificate IV in Sport Development
  • SIS50510 Diploma of Sport Coaching
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  • SIS50610 Diploma of Sport Development

Sport and Recreation qualifications

  • SIS20310 Certificate II in Sport and Recreation
  • SIS30510 Certificate III in Sport and Recreation
  • SIS40410 Certificate IV in Sport and Recreation
  • SIS50110 Diploma of Facility Management
  • SIS50410 Diploma of Sport and Recreation Administration


  • SIT30607 Certificate III in Events (Sport)
  • SIT50207 Diploma of Events (Sport)

Training and Assessment

  • TAE40110 Certificate IV Training and Assessment


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