After School Sports Program


Developing sporting talent after school

Just like the School Sports program the After-School Sports program is designed to increase the participation and enjoyment of young people in sport and help schools develop and implement school sporting programs that inspire and engage their students.

The After-School Sports program is held on the school oval twice a week, after school hours. The program focuses purely on physical education and offers a wide range of sporting activities as well as guidance, support and care for students and families.

The main benefit of the After-School Sports Programs is that it widens the interests of children, allows them to discover their innate talent for certain activities and provides an opportunity to develop their talents further.

Practice also builds confidence and in this age of infinite growth and endless possibilities, a child needs a portfolio of skills besides academic learning in order to succeed.

QIS provides each Queensland participant with the following:

  • One fully qualified trainer and up to 25 experienced and well-trained trainees for a great student to trainee ratio – at no charge
  • Well planned sessions
  • Basic equipment provided (if required)
Benefits to Students

Physical Development
Stress Relief
Team Spirit and Camaraderie
Time Management
Balance of education and physical activity
Structured and monitored after school activity

Benefits to Parents, Families and Guardians

Reduction in juvenile delinquency
Studies show that crime peaks in the hours immediately after school, often due to a lack of supervision. The After-School Sports Program not only offers supervision for children during this time, it also gives them an outlet, increases their fitness and teaches them valuable life skills.

Reduction in risk-taking attitude
If children are not involved with engaging activities, they can usually fall in with negative company. Research states that peer pressure is the leading cause for alcoholism and abuse.

Increase in self-esteem
Participating in after school activities helps to develop a child’s talents further. The more skilled they become, the more recognition they receive, which in turn boosts their self-esteem and self-confidence. Some of these programs coach for competitions too and this sense of achievement acts as powerful motivator for excellence.

Allows life balance and time away television and computer games
The After-School Sports Program gives young people life balance by providing an alternate activity and interest to television and computer games, that also has the benefit of physical activity. The younger children are when they establish healthy habits, the easier it is for them to maintain this for the rest of their lives and benefit from a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. Increases physical activity and fitness The sad reality is that nearly 30% of children under the age of 19 are overweight. This highlights a need for children to take up some form of physical activity at least 2-3 days a week. Sport not only keeps children active and healthy but builds social and life skills such as teamwork and coordination.

Increases social awareness and communication skills
Participating in sport also increases their social skills by learning how to communicate and cooperate with others, how to adjust well into a group and how to think on your feet. Children also learn how to become responsible citizens by following and respecting rules.

Complimentary to academic performance
Students who play sports work harder in the classroom. A study of 2,308 student athletes in grades 7-12 found that 56 per cent received A’s and 45 per cent received B’s and C’s. Though besides improving academic performance and school attendance, the programs also reinforce school learning with a practical application and promote life skills like respect for elders and peers, commitment, cooperation and team work, all of which are beneficial in the classroom as well.

Provides another positive role model
The supervisor or mentor is usually the guide and friend of the child. This is a great way to teach children how to develop a positive relationship with elders and a great opportunity to have yet another person supporting and encouraging them to reach their full potential.

To enquire about the QIS After School Sports Program call us today on 1300 377 678. If you would like to organise your school’s participation in the program, please complete the After-School Sports Program Application Form provided for Primary Schools or High Schools and email to enquiries@queenslandsport.org.au