Athlete Benefits


Helping young athletes achieve their sporting dreams

No matter what sport it is, each and every QIS scholarship athlete receives a wide range of benefits including, but not limited to an initial orientation focused on the individual requirements of the athlete followed by ongoing development, support and guidance both on and off the sporting field.

When commencing a scholarship with the QIS, each athlete receives the highest quality of coaching, education, support and development to assist them in their progression to higher representative honours and propel them towards their ultimate goal of becoming a professional within their chosen sport.

Each athlete works with experts across a range of different specialty areas to identify goals and targets. These then form the key performance indicators that will be monitored over the duration of their involvement with the QIS.

From performance nutrition, healthy lifestyle, financial management, career opportunities, personal brand development and dealing with the media, to overall school, study and sport commitment balancing, QIS provides a personal development program tailored to each individual to compliment the on-field skill development and training programs the athlete will be required to follow.

Unlike many other sport development programs out there, QIS focuses on the all-round athlete requirements both as a person and as an aspiring sports star.

All scholarship athletes have a high level of accountability and are responsible for making the most of the high-quality support and development being made available to them as a privileged QIS scholarship athlete.

Results are tracked, accountability is taken seriously, and scholarship athletes receive a record of their achievements when they graduate as a QIS scholarship athlete.