Disability Sports & Inclusion


Sports for people with disabilities

QIS is an inclusive sports organisation that provides leisure and recreational sport activities to people with disabilities, as well as to the support workers and carers. We are proudly to be a family friendly organisation working together closely with the local communities so that everyone is happy with the final results.

QIS members all share the one mission –- to improve the lives of Australians living with disabilities, using sport as the medium.

QIS recognises the social and health benefits associated with active participation in sport and recreation and believes that sport should be accessible to all members of the community. We are committed to enhancing the inclusion footprint of our organisation, members and stakeholder groups.

QIS Vision

QIS is dedicated to promoting physical activities and better serving the disability sport sector. Our vision is that all Australians have an equal opportunity to engage in sports and physical activities in a welcoming and inclusive environment. To achieve this, QIS has agreed to work with community organisations, schools and families to collaborate, advocate, and facilitate inclusive sports and physical activities for people with a disability, impairment or limitation.

What inclusion means to QIS?

  • Embracing diversity: age, gender, race, nationality or ethnic origin, religion, language, sexual orientation, physical ability
  • Valuing diversity of perspective: leveraging the diverse thinking, skills, experience and knowledge of our staff, members and stakeholders
  • Respecting stakeholders diversity: developing strong and sustainable relationships with diverse stakeholders, communities, employees, customers and suppliers.
Sport and Recreation

QIS focuses on disability friendly sport and recreation services, which provides opportunities to people of all ages with disabilities to participate in and enjoy physical and creative activities.

QIS has programs and support options for children, teenagers and adults to meet people, learn new skills, play in competitions, perform on stage and develop their creative potentials.

Our programs are specially designed and operated in a supportive environment to cater for people of various abilities and needs.

Activities are tailored towards the needs of all participants where you learn the skills associated with each activity in a fun and supportive environment.

Health benefits of sport for people with disability

  • People with disability don’t usually have the same level of access to sports activities as their able-bodied peers, yet their needs to engage in physical activity is far greater.

  • Because people with impairments (especially those with severe/profound impairments) are so inactive, they are particularly prone to diseases of inactivity – diabetes, heart disease, mental illness, certain types of cancer.

  • Adults with a disability are 9 times more likely to report both cardiovascular diseases and diabetes than those adults who are not living with disability.

  • Participation in sport is an important rehabilitation pathway for people with disability joining or re-joining the community, increasing social connections and improving independence, self-esteem and health and well-being.

  • Social interaction has been cited by 25% of participants as being one of the two most important benefits of sport participation.

  • Over two thirds of the medical and health professionals surveyed for a report have expressed that they would like their patients with a disability to prescribe sport more often.

  • Give us a call, if you would like to meet new friends and participate in a range of different activities including soccer, rugby, tennis, netball, swimming, cricket, football, basketball, table tennis, ten pin bowling, art music, theatre drama, and craft.
    For more information, please contact QIS on 1300 377 678, Mobile 0437 342 979 or enquiries@queenslandsport.org.au