Pathway to Success


A valuable step on the pathway to sporting success

At the QIS we aim to play an important role in an athlete’s development by laying strong foundations to help them towards achieving their ultimate goals and dreams within their chosen sport.

By working individually with our scholarship athletes, we can easily see how our services will benefit their development and structure a personal program accordingly. This one-on-one approach also allows us to see when it’s time for an athlete to move on to bigger and better things and start training at a higher level again within their chosen sport.

Many sporting institutes or academies hold on to an athlete in order to help in the promotion and recognition of their organisation, but this is often at the expense of the athlete’s progression.

Our unique QIS ambassadors program allows athletes who have progressed through our organisation to move up in their progression with national league teams or overseas college opportunities whilst still having the privilege and honour of being aligned to the QIS as an ambassador, who can provide firsthand experience and reflection to a new era of young athletes who progress through QIS after them.

Our athletes are the lifeblood of our organisation, so their progression takes priority over anything else. It is this level of commitment and support our athletes can expect and come to count on with the QIS.

Join us on the journey

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To enquire about our scholarship programs and find out how we can help your child achieve sporting success call 1300 377 678  or email: enquiries@queenslandsport.org.au