School Camps

School camps that keep kids active

The School Camp Program has been designed to provide them with the opportunity to learn a range of sports, keep fit and have fun.
Run over every school holiday period, the camp goes for and includes:

The QIS School Camp Program aims to:

  • Increase self-confidence
  • Develop problem-solving skills and resilience by overcoming challenges and difficulties
  • Develop a willingness to attempt new tasks
  • Promote a positive approach to learning and personal achievement

Benefits to Participants

  • Access to world class training facilities
  • High performance coaching
  • Support services in strength and conditioning, sport science, nutrition, sports medicine and sports psychology
  • Balance of education and physical activity
  • Structured and monitored activity

For more information:

If you would like to organise your school’s participation in the program, please complete the QIS School Holiday Sports Program Application Form provided for Primary Schools or High Schools and email to

What Makes us Different?

Offering a total of 16 key sporting programs including AFL, basketball, cricket, cheer and dance, football, golf, field hockey, netball, rugby union, rugby league, surfing, swimming, tennis, triathlon, volleyball and water polo, the QIS aim is to give young athletes the right foundations for a rewarding career in their chosen sport.

There are a number of institutes, academies and other sporting organisations around Queensland and Australia, who all have their own unique niche within the market and all play a very important role within the development pathway of an aspiring young athlete.

We encourage interested and identified athletes and their parents to discuss the opportunities available through QIS, so we can provide an open and honest assessment of where we best fit in regard to the support,
development and guidance required by that particular athlete at that exact time within their progression.

If we feel the individual athlete is best suited to the services and support on offer through one of our affiliated academies or institutions, we will recommend the most appropriate option for that particular athlete and will even put them in touch with the right people to arrange the support required.

If QIS is the right fit for the athlete, then we welcome them into the relevant QIS sport scholarship program and we work on a targeted approach to ensure that athlete, as with each and every individual athlete, receives the highest quality of coaching, education, support and development to assist them in their progression to higher representative honours and their ultimate goals of becoming a professional within their chosen sport.

QIS is all about the athlete and opportunities that lay ahead.

For QIS, an athlete’s success is a measure of our success as the service provider, support agency and overall vehicle that can help the athlete progress.