School Program


School sports programs that get kids up and going

The QIS is excited to announce that they are offering a range of school sports programs to Primary Schools and High Schools to increase young people’s physical activity and participation in sport- at no cost to your school.

Sports can help students by:

  • Increasing their concentration and developing their problem-solving skills
  • Teaching them how to set and attain goals
  • Developing skills that are beneficial for school and the workplace
  • Improving their self-esteem through success (and failure!)
  • Teaching them time-management skills

Plus, they also gain the all the benefits of fitness which:

  • Reduces body fat, strengthens bones, and builds muscle
  • Improves coordination, balance, flexibility and endurance
  • Slows the aging process
  • Reduces the risks of injury, and helps you recover faster
Our Mission

The mission of the QIS is to support the education and development of all young people through Physical Education (PE) and sport and build a brighter future for young people by enhancing the quality and quantity of PE and sporting opportunities within school.

Our innovative and world-leading school sports programs will assist your school in meeting the ‘Smart Moves’ initiative of 30 mins of physical activity per day and help you reach, inspire and engage all young people – whatever their age or ability.

The school sports programs are run by our highly trained QIS team and regional sporting development officers, who are also assisted by sports coaching trainees from local surrounding secondary school.

The QIS team come to your school so there are no travel arrangements needed and every effort is made to create a safe and positive environment.

The QIS offers no-cost school sports programs all throughout the school year including:

School Sports Programs
After School Sports Programs
High Performance Training Programs
School Holidays Programs
School Camps