School Sport Programs


Making fitness fun

Queensland Institute of Sport (QIS) Limited is a local, not-for­ profit, community based sports organisation dedicated to the development of kids allowing them the opportunity to reach their potential by providing specialist services in their local environment. The QIS provides a stepping stone for kids on the pathway to elite athlete development.

Our Aims

  • Fight the demon of obesity. The School sports program encourages children to participate in vigorous physical activity that they are sorely missing in their present lifestyle. The harsh fact is that nearly 30% of children under the age of 15 are overweight.
  • Assist children’s sport progress from their local school level to the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS).
  • Encourage children to find the balance between physical activity, television and computer games. This balance is an essential requirement in order to sustain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Identify young talent in a particular sport and introduce them to their local sporting club for further development.

Benefits and services provided to kids include: skill development training in their chosen sport, nutrition and injury prevention; competition and touring experience; strength and conditioning; high level coaching; uniforms and equipment and subsidised travel and accommodation for competition and training camps.

What is the School Sports Program?

The QIS is passionate about increasing the participation and enjoyment of young people in sport and is committed to helping schools develop and implement school sporting programs that inspire and engage young people – whatever their age or ability.
The School Sports program is a full day physical education program, that provides primary school students with a wide range of sporting activities to participate in and fun and engaging workshops that can be held during school hours or before and after school depending on the preference This is done across a wide range of sports to the primary schools of the respective Region.

QIS provides each Queensland school with the following:

Up to 25 experienced and well-trained trainees for a great student to trainee ratio – at no charge
One fully qualified trainer to supervise the trainees
Well planned sessions (see P.L.A.Y below)
Basic equipment provided (if required)

Benefits of school

• As a Principal it will free up your teachers and reduce their stress levels
• A fully structured day of sporting activities completely prepared and adaptable to every age group
• These activities will be completely prepared and adaptable to each and every age
• A fully qualified trainer and assessor to supervise the trainees at all times
• Programs delivered by positive, energetic and enthusiastic trainees who are passionate about the program and helping young people reach their full potential
• Specialised workshops in coaching accreditation, umpiring, management and officiating for staff and students as needed
• Our program allows schools the opportunity to release their relevant staff for other activities as our trainees are more than equipped and experienced to conduct and control each session.
• Majority of teachers in schools, as we know in schools are under extreme pressure. Finding to run regular sports activities add to this pressure. This is where QIS can assist to ease the pressure on your teachers.
• QIS contribute and promotes the personal development and performance of each student
• This is done by assisting them in achieving a balance of sport and life without compromising academic excellence
• These skills will enable the students to develop a wide range of life skills. For example students will learn trust, patience, team work, and respect
• QIS provides opportunities to link school events with sporting organisation partners for example Broadbeach State School with Gold Coast Junior Rugby as a pathway
• Because we realise how busy as a principal your teachers are, QIS will provide specialised assistance in coaching and officiating for whole school events if required
• QIS will deliver clinics in specialised coaching accreditation, umpiring, management and officiating for staff and students as needed
• Our trainees will assist school staff in the planning and implementation of sporting carnivals, camps and open days which will ease the stress on your teachers
• The ability to link school events with sporting organisation partners for example Broadbeach State School with Gold Coast Junior Rugby as a pathway
• Assistance with planning and organising sports carnivals, camps and open days to ease the stress of teachers further
• Specialised assistance in coaching and officiating whole school events if required
• Developing key life skills for students like trust, patience, team work and respect which can help in the teaching process

Benefits of students

Six benefits of the program:
With the rapid increase of computers, technology and video games, participating in school sport programs have become more of a past time. There is an important time and a place for computer-based entertainment, however activities in the external environment are vitally important in the development of all children.

Exactly how do children benefit from the school sports program?

Physical Development
When children participate in sport and outdoor activities, they not only engage in beneficial exercise, they learn the crucial life-long habits of keeping mentally and physically fit. These important life habits combined with other life skills, such as correct eating, will ensure that children are subject to the basics of living and sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

Physical education and competitive sports are an effective way to develop a student’s problem-solving skills and creativity. They also promote team work and team building, trust in one another and your team, respect for the rules, your team mates, and the opposition. It can also lead to strong and lasting friendships. The best activities for your children are those that encourage their natural curiosity and interests.

Stress Relief
Many activities take place in a relaxed environment in order to promote healthy methods for dealing with stress. In an increasingly complex and pressure-oriented world, the more positive ways we can find to deal with stress the better and being able to start this at a young age is highly beneficial.

When children learn new skills and engage in social activities, their self-confidence increases. Learning social skills such as cooperation, negotiation, and conflict resolution in a fun and relaxed environment will help them understand how to communicate effectively with people- a valuable skill in all aspects of life from home life to the workplace.

Team Spirit and Camaraderie
Teamwork is a vital life skill and a key ingredient in success. Team sport requires children to work together in order to achieve a common goal, removing the focus from the individual to the team.

Time Management
Having to balance multiple activities (school, homework, family life, and after-school sports activities) can teach a child the necessary skills of time management and the importance of prioritising, planning and structure. Not only is the school sports program fun and entertaining, it promotes and engages important life skills and helps teach children responsibility.

Trainee Benefits
School trainees engaged in the program will have unlimited benefits. Your students have the opportunity to become a trainee in the future. These benefits include:
• Earn while they learn
• Get nationally accredited qualifications
• Start their future career while studying
• Increase their chance to go to University
• Boost their Tertiary Selection Rank Score • Practical hands on and work experience in their chosen career
• Improve their employment prospects upon completion of traineeship
• Gain a history of paid employment within the industry of their choice before leaving school
• Opportunity to begin a career at an early age, with a smooth transition from school to work environments
Program Delivery
The program will be delivered by sports officer trainees.
• The trainees are completing their certificate Ill in Sport and Recreation whilst being employed in the industry for a minimum of 8 hours each week.
• The trainees are a readily available source of sporting skill and knowledge, paid for by their host employer.
• The trainees are supervised by a fully qualified trainer and assessor at all times.
• The trainees (students) are engaged in units that will prepare them to be qualified as sports and recreations officers.
• They are also undertaking the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) Levels 1 and 2 coaching Accreditation.
The Processes
• A member of the Queensland Institute of Sport team will contact the school prior to the beginning of each term to confirm dates.
• This will be reaffirmed one week prior to the day with rotation of the individual activities and sessions plans for that day.
• Both supervisor and trainees will arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the commencement of activities in order to sign in with the school, conduct a risk assessment of the grounds and prepare for the activities.
• The program will be delivered one day per week over 4 terms of the school calendar year. This is approx. over 41 weeks
• The program can begin at 9.00am and conclude at 3.00pm. This can be altered to YOUR NEEDS so please feel free to keep an open mind with this suggestion!

For more information:
If you would like to organise your school’s participation in the program, please complete a School Sports Program Application Form provided for Primary Schools or High Schools and return by email enquiries@queenslandsport.org.au